My story starts back in the summer of 1975. My brother purchased a 1972 Dodge Demon 340 4 

speed from the original owner. The car was in stock condition the only Modifications were aftermarket 

wheels and the rear end was changed from 3:23 Sure-Grip to a 3:91 Sure-Grip. My brother drove the 

car for about two years in stock condition. In the summer of 1977 the all-original 340 was pulled out 

and totally rebuilt. The block was bored .30 over and 10.5 compression pistons were used along with 

new cam, Edlebrock intake and freshened heads. On the outside an Accel dual point distributor and 

super coil were installed. In 1980 my brother decided that the Demon was not part of his plans 

anymore. He knew how much I loved the car so he turned over the ownership to me. For the next three 

years I drove the Demon as my daily driver. At the time my job required full time use of a personal car 

so after a while the maintenance and fuel costs were adding up. I decided it was time to buy another car 

to use as a daily driver.  The Demon was used just for weekend enjoyment. I drove the Demon for 

another two years only at night and on weekends and never in bad weather. The car hasnít seen rain or 

snow since 1983. Soon the wedding bells started to ring, 1987 it was and the Demon went into storage 

for the next ten years. I stored it in my father garage, what a mistake that was. He piled all kinds of junk 

on top and underneath. In 1996 the Demon was back on the road again. The first task was to clean and 

freshen up the car I did a lot of research over the years and found the broadcast sheet and sent it along 

with the Fender Tag information to get decoded. The Demon was garage kept for about 13 years so the 

rust was minimal and the paint looked the same as when it was new but there were some dings and 

dents. Progress has been slow due to the fact that I have three sons, a wife and a mortgage. My sons 

enjoy the Demon just As much as I do. My family and I attend local car shows during the summer. The

Demon has been in my family for almost 25 years now and I plan to keep it that way.